Immunity El Jefe

Immunity's open source project, El Jefe (pronounced 'ell-HEFF-ay') is a Windows based process monitoring solution. El Jefe produces a unique view into how processes are created, what privileges they possess and what child processes they spawn. All of this information is stored, and categorized into a central logging server, which allows a user to quickly see any suspicious behavior that could indicate compromise or malware proliferation.

For more information about El Jefe please visit the links below, or feel free to contact our El Jefe team at:

Download El Jefe Here:

Supported Platforms and Installations

Client: - Windows 2000/XP (32/64) to Windows 7 (32/64)

Server: - VMWare Player/Workstation

Product Support and Maintenance

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References: El Jefe 1.1: The Boss Will See You Now