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White Phosphorus Exploit Pack.

White Phosphorus is one of the newest exploit packs to be made available for Canvas, with development beginning in 2010. White Phosphorus aims to provide customers with fully weaponised reliable exploits and tools for use during penetration testing assignments.

White Phosphorus Exploit Pack includes;

  • Monthly updates, and unlimited IP address usage
  • 0Day vulnerabilities from private research
  • Modules for publicly reported vulnerabilities
  • Exploits include server side, client side, and privilege escalation
  • Useful modules and standalone tools for penetration testing

    White Phosphorus Exploit Pack features;

  • Payload selection, allows you to select the right payload for the situation
  • Port forwarding through multiple canvas nodes, provides the ability to use native clients across exploited networks
  • All exploits bypass DEP /alwayson and ASLR where possible
  • Fully tested for reliability in our lab environment before release

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