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Wireless Security Assessment

Immunity's wireless security specialists have several years of experience assessing wireless infrastructure in environments as diverse as government services, entertainment venues, retail, transportation, and the financial sector. When combined with our specialization in the identification of new or previously unknown vulnerabilities, this experience offers the client an opportunity for thorough wireless assessment, including publicly known issues as well as potential problems unique to the client. Vulnerabilities that are not known or well understood publicly are most often the ones used by malicious users and attackers, who target high-value wireless systems such as point of sale and inventory tracking systems for monetary gain and/or privacy infringement.

Our consultants use Immunity SILICA in addition to other tools to measure exposure, examine configurations, and attempt penetration. Wireless assessments include standard tests such as wireless access point identification and configuration review, GPS positioning, and node security, as well as additional penetration testing focused on those systems accessible via any open wireless infrastructure. SILICA's size and easy portability allows Immunity to perform these services covertly on request.